About Us

BirthofAviation.org was organized to promote and preserve American aviation history, particularly in relation to America’s role in the birth of commercial aviation. The journey for us began with the passing down of a piece of aviation memorabilia from a father to his children. This led to research which uncovered an amazing story that had seemingly been left largely untold – the story of the first commercial passenger airflight in America, and what may be argued as the first true commercial aviation success story, not only in America but in the world.

The crowned jewel of our small collection of aviation memorabilia is this “first ticket”, or more accurately a signed certificate recognizing the first passenger to fly on a “regularly scheduled overland airflght in America.” While the focus began here, however, what was unconvered was the story of a nation, and of a generation, that accomplished one of the most impressive collaborative achievements in the history of mankind. It is this story that we hope to tell – not only to preserve this important history and honor these bold individuals, but also to share a blueprint for success with people throughout the world.

We welcome your feedback, comments, and any particular insights you may wish to share, aviation-related or otherwise. You can contact us at info@birthofaviation.org